"Swedish Dicks" Peter Stormare & Traci Lords

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It's a clever comedy-mystery show that it's creator describes as a blend of "Twin Peaks" meets "Monty Python"! "Swedish Dicks" follows an aging ex-stuntman stuck in the past and an overly optimistic Swedish DJ stuck in the digital world. Together they get unstuck by forming the private detective firm Swedish Dicks, solving some of the strangest and wildest cases Los Angeles has ever seen. But they face stiff competition from rival private detective, Jane McKinney. Peter Stormare and Traci Lords joined us to share why this first season is so much fun and why they're already filming a second season!

  • "Swedish Dicks"
  • Premieres Wednesday, August 9 at 8:00pm
  • POP TV

For more information, visit the show website.