Do's & Don'ts of Scarves & Belts

Fashion Editor and Wardrobe Stylist Eden Dawn stopped by to give us a lesson in wearing scarves and belts. Wear them correctly, and up your style in a big way!

You'll find more great fashion information on Eden's Shop Talk blog.

Scarves -
Don't - wrap it so tight it looks like it's strangling you
Do - Wear a scarf that has a proportionate weight to your top. (I.e. Light silk scarves with blouses and chunky scarves with sweaters)
Don't - wear scarves ala Girl Scout uniform style over your shoulders, it's outdated
Do - Try an Infinity scarf if tying them makes you nervous (the ones that are just circles)

Belts -
Don't - have a long belt end flapping in the wind. Get a size that fits or ask your cobbler to cut and stitch the end.
Do - wear a belt that's proportionate to your body type. If you're a petite gal, wear thinner belts, if you've got some curves your body can support a wider belt.
Don't - Belt a top if it already has gathers in a different place. (If a blouse has a seam under the bust line, don't belt it at the waist or you'll create odd proportions)
Do - Choose a belt of the same color of your pant to create an illusion of being longer.