How to Dress to Look Thinner

You don't have to lose weight to look thinner! The right clothes and the right fit can do the trick. Personal Stylists Paula O'Neil and Tracy Pendergast stopped by to share their tips.

The most important rule to looking slim is to get clothes that fit properly -- nothing too tight or too big. Whatever size the tag says shouldn't factor in at all-- the most important thing is how it fits, with no pulling at pockets or seams and no puddles of fabric. So what are the "go-to" (properly fitted) items that create a slimmer look on pretty much everyone?

1. The structured jacket over the V-neck blouse with dark uniform wash jean. This creates a defined waist, longer, leaner line and can best balance a frame.

2. The fit-and-flare dress This dress creates an hour-glass shape -- balanced, slim, and flattering. Note: A recent bra fitting is key to putting your "assets" where they belong in order to reveal more of your waistline.

3. The Column of Color Tonal or solid similar colors create a longer eye line and can be more slimming than more contrasting colors, which break up the vertical line and can widen. This look can be even more slimming than, say, vertical stripes in contrast colors. Note: Shapewear has evolved greatly, and can be a benefit at any age and size. It is not about hiding your beautiful shape, but about making the fabric drape smoothly and move properly over your frame.

4/5. Belted or contrast colors at the waistline to define it. Use the principles of graphic design to trick the eye into seeing what we want it to see. Bonus: this look will go with the heel/pointy toe shoe, which lengthens the leg and slims the overall line.

Final note: Get help! Consult with a pro at a store (they are available at lower or higher end retailers) as well as professional stylists whose job it is to help make you look your best and celebrate your shape.