The Secrets to Kids' Consignment Sales

Kids' Consignment Events are a great way to make money and find awesome deals on kids items-- from clothes to toys. Our mom expert Kerri Williamson joined us to talk about why consigning your stuff makes great sense. She says you can clear out lots of stuff at once, you don't have the stress of running your own garage sale and you earn 65%-80% of the selling price which you set yourself.

Shopping a consignment event is great too. You'll find tons of great deals, all in one location, so you don't waste time or spend gas driving from garage sale to garage sale. Here are her tips for consigning your items.

  • Decide what you are going to sell: 1) Ask if you would buy the item yourself? 2) Weed out any stained or broken items (most sales have an inspection process so you want to bring only your best items)

  • Prepare your stuff! 1) Wash if necessary and wipe down toys 2) Put all parts together and secure items to each other (you don't want lost pieces) 3) Replace batteries if necessary 4) Put clothing on hangers

  • Check for recalls

  • Gather supplies and tag your items: Use packing tape, painters tape, safety pins, rubber bands, tagging gun, cardstock, ziploc bags

  • Volunteer so you can shop the presale!! Most sales have 4 hour shifts (the more you work, the earlier you get to shop AND the more money you earn)

Here are a list of upcoming Kids' Consignment Events: