01/24/2008 - Cash Nichols

HI Rhonda, my name is cash nichols and I am 14 years old, this is a picture of me with my 341 pound salmon shark i caught in elfin cove, AK,(tanaku lodge) where I spend my summers, it is a great town with only 25 year round residents. In the winter, i live in Lebanon and i make sure i see your fish tales every day, i think its the best part of the news! It took me a half an hour to land this monster, and i was man enough to never hand the rod off for a break. At tanaku lodge, I have been working as a commercial halibut fishing deckhand, and then later in the season I work with my dad, Mike nichols who is a captain of 1 of the 4, 34 ft. californians there, which are used as sportfishing vessels. Salmon sharks are kind of a new fish tanaku has decided to start catching, we mostly target coho, pink, and chinook salmon along with some big halibut and a variety of rockfish, The seasons largest halibut was 318 lbs(caught on my dads boat) and the chinook was 43 lbs, the coho was 17lbs, and the yallow eye was 29 lbs, we also catch many ling cod but there are seasons and size limits for them. Well thanks and have a great day,

p.s. you should come up and visit us at tanaku lodge! our website is www.tanaku.com
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