Gladstone High student arrested for carrying a gun and ammunition

GLADSTONE, Ore. - A 14-year-old Gladstone High school student was arrested last week after a search revealed he was carrying a gun and ammunition.

Gladstone High School's principal, Stu Evans, sent out an email to parents Sunday night regarding the incident, which happened last Tuesday.

According to Evans, two boys tipped off school staff that another boy had a handgun. Staff members questioned the student and found a gun and a separate ammunition clip in his backpack. The student was then arrested.

The email from Evans said in part "during our immediate and subsequent investigation through the week, there was no threat of harm discovered toward any Gladstone School District student or employee. I can't say enough about how critical school safety is and the importance of the two boys' timely response with their information."

Despite the email that went out, some parents were annoyed that they had just heard about this Sunday evening.

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