Kitten thrown from car onto interstate, survives

NEAR SALEM, Ore. -- A couple driving down Interstate 5 spotted something being thrown from a car window and, when they stopped to look, they saw a kitten lying in the road.

Thanks to quick thinking from the good Samaritans and quick care from a rescue group and Willamette Valley Animal Hospital, the 4-month-old kitten, named Edmund, survived.

"He's lucky to be alive. No question. He's actually lucky this is as minimal a fracture as it is. He will be able to walk great within two to four weeks and be fine for the rest of his life," said Sheri Morris, veterinarian at Willamette Valley Animal Hospital.

Donations paid for an expensive surgery to fix a fracture bone in his hip, but Edmund is expected to make a full recovery.

An online fundraising drive to pay for the kitten's surgery sought $900. As of Thursday, Dec. 19, more than $1,260 had been pledged and some of the extra funds are now paying for another rescued cat's surgery.

The rescue group, Friends of Felines, in Salem, helped transport Edmund to the animal hospital. Friends of Felines told KATU it's seen three cases like this during the past two months.

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