OR Fisherman gets a taste of Florida

These pictures contain my husband, Kurt Frey, uncle, Jim Lesser, and possibly cousin, Kate Lesser. All 3 are avid fishers, but Kurt usually goes out at insane hours of the nights to guard "his spot" on the Alsea or Siletz Rivers to catch some steelies or salmon. He and my uncle Jim, also an avid fisherman, as he grew up in Naples, FL and got to out on my grandfather's boats...all named "The Double Fault." This is the day where they went out about 15 mis. off the Gulf Coast from Naples, FL. Kurt's used to fishing for the riverdwellers of the Pacific Northwest, and on this one day, he got the polar opposite! Aside from the mackerel and grouper that were an excellent dinner that night, Kurt started out his day catching a small shark. I'm not sure what variety it was, but it got in the photo op and was then set free. Who'd have thought that his next big catch would be a 4.5' barracuda?! He certainly didn't. That fish had him running around the boat as it went under and around and gave him quite the fight. When he finally had it close enough for Jim to gaff it, Kurt was grinning like a kid at Christmas when they got to stand there showing off their amazing catch. That guy was also released back into the Gulf. As if those two momentous firsts weren't enough for an afternoon, a little while later, it was another ecstatic, "Fish on!!!" That one was a 9' nurse shark! They didn't attempt to get it in the boat for obvious (I hope!) reasons, so they leaned over the side of the boat for the photo op. I'm not knocking a good day catching steelhead, but can you imagine a day like this? This was actually the first time that Kurt had been to my grandmother's home and meeting Uncle Jim, Aunt Leigh, and my cousins Thomas and Kate. It would appear that Kurt and Jim hit it off immediately! It's always nice when your new husband bonds with your family in such a memorable and exciting way!
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