Shark found struggling in Oregon surf

SEASIDE, Ore. - Aquarium staff tried to save the life of a 4-foot salmon shark found struggling in the surf on Sunset Beach on Wednesday.

Staff from the Seaside Aquarium arrived at the beach at 4:15 p.m. and rushed the shark back to the aquarium.

Aquarium staff did what they could to revive the shark but it was obvious that the shark was not going to survive the night, said Tiffany Boothe with the Seaside Aquarium. She said sharks found struggling in the surf have something very wrong with them and the chances of survival are small.

Juvenile salmon sharks have a remarkable resemblance to Great White sharks and are often reported as baby Great Whites, Boothe said.

The visual identifying characteristics between the two are small. There are differences in their teeth and other physical features.

Salmon sharks can get quite large, up to 11 feet. This is the third salmon shark to be reported in the Seaside area in the last two weeks.

One was seen washing ashore at Silver Point just south of Cannon Beach. The third was spotted struggling in the surf in Manzanita.

The shark picked up by the aquarium will be necropsied by a local school group. Tissue and muscle samples will be taken for an ongoing study being done by graduate students at Stanford University.

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