Everyday Heroes: A husband's devotion

Edwin Young, right, holds his wife Jovan on her bed.

Jovan Young says she’s married to a superhero.

No, her husband Edwin doesn’t wear tights or a cape, but he has shown Jovan a remarkable level of devotion -- the kind we all would want from our partners.

“I have loved this man for almost 20 years,” Jovan told KATU. “I want him to know that I love him beyond words.”

Jovan and Edwin had built a life together, including raising three kids, when Jovan suddenly became very ill in 2015.

She told KATU the doctors haven’t been able to give the family an exact diagnosis, but she did spend months in the hospital.

She’s back at her Northeast Portland home now, but she can’t walk, and says she needs a lot of extra care from Edwin.

“Edwin cooks my food,” Jovan said. “He helps me change my bed if I need to change my bed; he washes all of my laundry; he does the dishes.”

Not only is Edwin responsible for caring for Jovan, he’s also now the family’s sole breadwinner. But he performs both duties, Jovan said, without complaint.

“Without even irritation, this man takes care of me,” Jovan said.

For his part, Edwin said the decision to stick by his wife came the day he made his wedding vows.

“I’ve got to [take care of her],” Edwin said. “I have to. We’ve got daughters and they’re there [at home] too, but they’ve got lives. They’ve got young lives. And we don’t want to take their lives from them.”

Edwin told KATU that 20 years ago, he wasn’t in a very good place. He’d been in trouble, he said, and wasn’t about to turn his life around.

Until he met Jovan at a party in 1999.

He said she helped him become a better man, and he’s happy to help care for his wife during this difficult time. But as for Jovan calling him a superhero, he said, “If she sees it that way, I’m going to go with it.”

And to all the other husbands and wives out there, Edwin said: “Love your loved ones. Because you never know.”

Jovan and her family recently set up a GoFundMe page to help with their medical expenses.

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