Everyday Heroes: Cookies for a cause

Sidra Cohen-Mallon has a daring proposition for you: buy her Girl Scout Cookies, then don’t eat them.

If you buy a box of cookies from Sidra, 10, she’ll politely suggest you buy another box, and donate it to the Sandy Community Action Center.

“We keep the cookies. We put them in a separate bag, and later we donate them," Sidra said. "[The Action Center] helps a great number of people in life, and I just wanted to give back to that.”

As of our interview, Sidra’s mom, Carol, said they’d sold about 85 boxes of cookies, and about half their buyers chose to donate their boxes rather than keep them.

“For us it’s kind of a win-win because the money still gets donated to the girl scouts,” Carol said. “But then the other half of it is the cookies go to the food bank, so we’re helping two organizations that are great organizations.”

This is Sidra’s first year as a Girl Scout and her first time selling cookies. She said she likes doing it, particularly for the sales experience she says may benefit her later in life.

But the thought of giving people in need of a special treat, she said, also makes her feel good.

“If selling cookies makes a better day for somebody, that’s what I’m shooting for,” Sidra said.

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