Everyday Heroes: House fire help

Everyday Heroes: House fire help

A neighborhood of heroes is stepping up to help a family after their house caught fire and they lost everything.

“It was so scary. I seen a light and I turned around to see what the light was in the kitchen, and the roof was already falling in. That’s how fast it was. There was no way to get upstairs to get to my kids. One kid jumped over the flames and jumped down and called the fire department,” described Linda Hjort.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt, but Hjort’s family lost all their belongings.

“I came out with my car and that was all,” Hjort said.

But thanks to her neighbors and her community, she didn’t lose hope. Through a donation center, the community is giving the family most everything they need.

“These people are so friendly and everybody’s been so helpful and friendly and giving us things we needed,” Hjort said emotionally.

A friend went above and beyond offering them a place to stay immediately after the fire.

“I thought we were going to have to sleep in the car the first night or two, but some friends let us sleep at their house, seven of us. That’s a lot of people to put in somebody’s house,” Hjort said.

Others donated household items and supplies. They even have a temporary place to call home. Now, they just need some furnishings.

Neighbors gave them lamps, a table and chairs.

“The whole neighborhood is just, you know, over and above. They found money for us. I mean, these three little boys, before I left in the ambulance, I seen these three little boys and they had sacks of clothes and they had $300 in cash and the fire department hadn’t even left yet and these little boys had went around and collected this stuff and I couldn’t believe it. They had just... they just did it,” Hjort said.

While the hardships aren’t over, the neighbors and friends are making things just a little easier.

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