Everyday Heroes: Lunchtime serenade

Mike Rouse plays the lunch crowd at Lenox Elementary. (KATU Photo)

This week’s Everyday Hero is bringing a little bit of class for that time between classes.

Mike Rouse is a musician who's volunteering his time, and his talent, at a surprising venue.

He plays for the lunch crowd at Lenox Elementary. He’s been playing the cafeteria off and on for five or six years.

It started with a need to practice because his wife worked nights.

“Can't play in the house during the day,” he says.

So, through a friend he contacted the school principal.

“He was like, 'Yeah, sure, come on, try it. See what happens.' So I started kinda practicing here and playing.

Mike says he enjoys the practice time.

He says it’s also important for the kids to see that not everyone is perfect.

“I can make mistakes. They see I make mistakes. I stop. I laugh. I'll make a face when I make a mistake. It's OK.”

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