Featured Every Day Hero turns 99

Maurice Nichols. (KATU Photo)

An Everyday Hero we’ve featured in the past celebrated a milestone Friday. He turned 99 years old.

Maurice Nichols – better known as Nick -- is a World War II veteran who shares his wisdom with anyone who asks.

Nick can usually be found at his favorite coffee shop, Flying Cat Coffee, in Southeast Portland.

He's been going there for years and sharing his stories with anyone who asks about his World War II veteran's hat.

On Friday, Flying Cat threw him a birthday party.

Nick told us veterans like him are getting more and more scarce.

"Looking at all the guys I was in the service with, you know, there's only one I keep in contact with back in South Carolina, and he's about a month or two younger than me, you know," he said.

Even though he's nearly a century old, Nick says he can still move without a walker and drive a car.

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