Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Shining a Light on Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October
Let’s finish breast cancer. Some of the best ways to conquer it is knowing your family history of cancer, paying attention to changes in your body and getting appropriate screening. You can also use the following resources to help make the fight against breast cancer successful.

Providence breast cancer home page
Learn about breast cancer prevention, treatment and research by starting here.

Breast Cancer Screening: Saves Lives
Get the facts, risk factors and screening information.

Breast care centers - Mammography
Providence Breast Centers offer personalized care in several locations for state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology, including 3-D mammography. Learn about the services available for you.

Schedule your mammogram today
Here’s an easy online tool for scheduling your mammogram.

Finish cancer
From breakthroughs and discoveries to compassionate care, find out what it means to finish cancer.

Harnessing the immune system
What if you had cancer and your body could heal itself? See how immunotherapy is making that possible.

Providence Cancer Center clinical trials
Clinical trials test new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer or its related symptoms. Get details about breast cancer clinical trials currently being offered.

Genetic testing and counseling for cancer
Providence can help you identify your individual cancer risk through genetic testing and counseling. Click here for information.

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