Would a grocery cart mirror help you resist junk food choices?

PORTLAND, Ore. - Here's a new way to come face to face with your food choices.

It's not just vanity. It's taking a hard look at yourself while perusing the grocery store aisles, researchers say.

We're talking about a new concept touted by a marketing professor at New Mexico State University: Having a mirror on your shopping cart to remind you of the adage, "you are what you eat."

The university plans to test its research next month with two groups. They'll ask some shoppers to use the carts with mirrors and ask another group to use regular carts. Then, researchers will compare sales receipts to determine if the mirrors influenced what people bought.

The mirror will help you "by knowing, 'Yes, I am in the grocery store. Yes I am the one in charge of making these decisions,'" Professor Collin Payne said via Skype.

We tried this idea of having a mirror on your shopping cart out and talked with some Portland shoppers about the concept.

We asked one mom, Yasmine Razzaghy, who was shopping at Barbur World Foods in Southwest Portland, to try having the mirror on her cart. At first, it was a bit uncomfortable. But she warmed up to the idea.

It "just reminds me, 'OK, you want to look good, you want to look better, so you need to work at it by eating healthy,'" Razzaghy said.

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