Go Green! Catios

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From fabulous to frugal, "catios," or cat patios, offer pet cats an enriching outdoor experience that is safe from hazards and safe for local birds and other wildlife.

We visited with Mary, the proud owner of two cats and a backyard Catio.

Every cat deserves a safe home where it is loved, cared for and kept free from hazards. Yet, right now, tens of thousands of cats roam our urban landscape, vulnerable to a variety of risks and preying on native wildlife.

The goal of this unique event is to educate our community about how outdoor cat enclosures keep pet cats and wildlife safe. We hope to inspire others to build one for their own cats! Catios offer pet cats healthy exercise time as well as safety from outdoor hazards like cars, predators and poisons. It’s a win-win!

The Catio Tour will include a variety of different catios in the Portland metro area - all different than those on the past tours. About a week before the event we will email participants a complete guidebook, including catio photos and construction information, as well as directions for this self-guided tour.

Save the date for the 5th Annual Catio Tour!

Saturday, September 9, 2017, 10-2pm

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