Keeping Kids Active

During vacation from school, don't let your kids get into a summer slump of nothing but video games and sitting around watching TV. Check out these ideas for helping your kids have an active summer full of fun play and good health.

Free Play Smart Youth Heart Screenings
Most kids' hearts are healthy, but a small number of kids have hidden heart defects. Play smart this summer. Providence Heart and Vascular Institute has partnered with Portland Parks & Rec to give kids ages 12 to 18 free Play Smart youth heart screenings at area community centers this summer. Learn more about Play Smart here and get the Portland Parks & Rec free screening locations here.

9 Fun Ideas for Kid-Friends Exercise
Here are nine fun ideas to help get your kids off the couch and into being active.

Kids and Fitness
Modern life can work against kids, offering too much fast food and too little opportunities for physical activity. Here is some good advice to help kids if they have weight issues.

4 Health Habits You Should Teach Your Kids
The best gift you can give to your child is a healthy life. Here are four of the most important health habits you should teach your children.

12 Ways to Turn Your Kids into Veggie Fans
Kids need good food fuel to be active. Summer's bounty includes plenty of fresh vegetables. Here are 12 ways to get your kids to like their veggies.

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