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Preventing and surviving stroke

Preventing and surviving stroke

May is American Stroke Month. Here’s what you should know about preventing and surviving stroke:

Memorize these warning signs of stroke:
If you know the signs of stroke, you can get help faster. Fast treatment can help a person survive stroke and reduce disability. Here’s an easy way to remember the signs of stroke.

What is your risk of stroke?
Providence Stroke Center offers an easy way for you to determine your personal risk factors for stroke. Take this free stroke risk assessment.

Providence offers new options for stroke care:
This year, Providence Brain and Spine Institute announced new research and technology that expand options for treating a stroke emergency. See the KATU News story.

Learn about state-of-the-art stroke services:
With four nationally certified primary stroke centers in Oregon, Providence Stroke Center is a leader in stroke treatment, offering the highest levels of care. Learn about their stroke services.

The pressure is on: Hypertension is a leading cause of stroke:
The figures for what’s considered high blood pressure have changed. See if your numbers now increase your risk of stroke, according to guidelines updated in 2017.

Get an overview of stroke:
Learn the basics for understanding stroke, from what causes it to what can help you survive.

Want to know more?
What is a stroke? What is a TIA? Can a person recover completely from a stroke? Get answers to common questions about stroke.

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