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Save lives with AEDs

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Learn how the Saves for Lives community AED program can help save lives in cardiac emergencies.

Saves for Lives AED program

When the Portland Timbers make saves during games, those moves also help save lives in the community through the Saves for Lives program. Saves for Lives is a team effort by the Timbers, Providence Sports Medicine and Providence Heart Institute to provide to qualified nonprofit groups for use in cardiac emergencies. Learn about the AED application process here.

Your journey to a healthier heart

Did you know 80 percent of heart disease is preventable by how you eat, move and live? At Basecamp Cardiac Prevention + Wellness, Providence Heart Institute offers inspiring ways you can improve your heart health. Check out the resources that can help you prevent heart attack and stroke.

Play Smart youth heart screenings

Though sudden cardiac arrest is the main cause of death in student athletes, in many cases it may be preventable. If you have kids ages 12 to 18, learn how Providence Heart Institute’s FREE Play Smart youth heart screenings can help detect hidden heart defects and help kids play smart.

Help for quitting smoking

One of the single most important ways to improve your health is to stop smoking. Because tobacco use is the most preventable cause of death, when you quit smoking, you immediately decrease your risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer. See how the Providence Smoking Cessation classes can help you kick the habit for good.

Pathfinders for support after heart attack

When you’re on an unfamiliar path, you appreciate a guide who’s been there before. That’s why Providence Heart Institute created the Pathfinders program – to support your well-being after a cardiac event. Find out how Pathfinder peers can provide heart-to-heart help, in more ways than one.

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