Kids Doing Good: 10-year-old Bella Capra writes letters to troops

Bella Capra holds up a shirt she plans to send to our troops serving overseas. (KATU Photo)

Inspiration to do good things comes from all sorts of places, and for 10-year-old Bella Capra, it was from a woman who’s nearly a century old.

Bella has been putting together care packages to be sent to our troops serving in other countries away from their families.

She got her inspiration from an unlikely source. She saw a story about 99-year-old Alleen Cooper in Lakewood, California. Alleen writes a letter every day to our men and women in uniform abroad and has since World War II. So that’s a lot of letters – over 7,000, she says.

Bella was inspired by her story and wanted to join in.

"I know that they don't get a lot of stuff because nobody really thinks about them,” Bella says. “I feel like if they’re having a bad day it would be really good. And one of the troops said we’d be happy if we got a sock or something. So that made me want to do it even more."

When Bella visited the KATU studios, we arranged for a phone call with Alleen so Bella could read a letter of thanks to her.

“Thank you for doing what you are doing. You have inspired me and you are my hero,” Bella read to Alleen over the phone.

“Well, thank you,” Alleen responded. “That sounds really nice. You just continue with that thought.”

And by the smile on Bella’s face, we think she will.

If you know of kids doing good in our community, let us know about them. Send us an email at

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