Kids Doing Good: Arts for the Ages

Déja Fitzwater appears on KATU News Wednesday, July 18, 2018. (KATU Photo)

Déja Fitzwater started an art program at only 5 years old, and it’s been going strong for years.

“When I was 5, I was doing a local drive for pajamas for the Caring Closest, and I said to my mom, ‘Mamma, if these children can’t even afford pajamas, that means they can’t afford art supplies,” Déja told KATU’s Deb Knapp during an in-studio appearance Wednesday. “So, being able to have the opportunity and knowing that other people can’t, I just really want to help with that, so I started (art supply drives).”

She started making art packets for the Caring Closet and expanded to make them for Operation Crayon, which gets art supplies to children overseas, and other organizations, like hospitals.

Her current art supply drive runs through Sept. 30. People can help by emailing

Click the play video above to watch Déja’s segment.

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