Kids Doing Good: Kids team up with Make-A-Wish to make girl's dream come true

Kiah Thomas helped organize a fundraiser with Make-A-Wish to help a girl born with a genetic condition. (KATU Photo)

A group of fifth-graders in Oregon City teamed up with Make-A-Wish to help make one little girl’s wish come true.

The fifth-grade class at Redland Elementary took a turn in teaching the school about giving.

“We put together a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish for a little girl at our school, and we raised $756.05,” said fifth-grader Kiah Thomas.

That little girl is 6-year-old kindergartner Poppy Myers, who was born with a genetic condition.

“We met her, and she’s the sweetest little girl, and that’s when I decided we have to do this,” Kiah said.

When Kiah heard about Poppy, she came up with a plan. They gave themselves a week to raise money to fulfill Poppy’s wish: A playhouse in the shape of a camper van.

“We sat in our office in our conference room,” said Kiah. “We sat there with a bucket of money and waited for people to come in, and someone donated $105.

Their goal was simple. Fill up jars with coins, give what you can.

“We all went to different classrooms with posters and things and explained what it was and how you could donate,” Kiah said.

“This is a great cause. Help out a friend. Imagine yourself in Poppy’s shoes,” said fifth-grader Ava Haase.

The girls all say that all you have to do is ask and people want to help.

“It’s amazing to see how much you can do with a call, to a person or a person you can help,” said Kiah.

She said she learned a big lesson helping Poppy.

“If you can help, you should help,” she said.

Poppy is expected to have her camper van playhouse wish come true this summer.

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