Kids Doing Good: 16-year-old's Top (rappin') Ramen video goes viral

Dre Wollrabe works on a rap. (KATU Photo)

A young artist in our community is already an internet sensation for a viral video featuring Top Ramen.

But that’s just the beginning of the road for Dre Wollrabe.

His talent is obvious, but it’s his character that sets him apart, and at 16 years old, Wollrabe is legit.

“I’ll have the beat there, hit the lights, shut the blinds, and start ‘vibun’’ out to the music,” he says.

The soon-to-be junior at David Douglas High School has mad music skills. But it was the Top Ramen viral video (below) that brought him internet fame.

You may already be one of the nearly 2 million people who’ve watch it on YouTube, and, yes, he still has the Top Ramen suit that’s in the video in his closet.

“It’s always ready to go. Beautiful Chicken Top Ramen,” he says.

Dre and his brother, Eddie, created the song together.

“That’s just like such a fun song. The story behind it is like super good,” Dre says. “We were just in the bedroom, and we were eating Top Ramen and our sriracha sauce and our eggs are in there.”

His talent is evident as he makes the process of creating music look easy. He finds a beat he likes, adds the melody, and then the rhyme.

Maybe it looks so natural on him, because he’s been writing music nearly all of his life.

“I wrote my first song and recorded it at the age of six,” he says.

A gifted writer and self-taught musician, it’s practically in his genetic makeup. He comes from an entertainment family: His dad is a traveling musician and his mom is a professional clown.

“We always had the grand piano downstairs when I was a little baby, so I was just always messing with it,” says Dre.

But something else sets this teenage rapper/musician apart. His message is clean and positive.

“I personally don’t find the need to cuss in it at all, and my parents would hate me if I did,” Dre says.

He wants everyone to have a chance to enjoy his music.

“I think keeping it clean keeps, like, bigger crowds of ages – anyone can listen to it,” he says. “I don’t have to worry about people hating on my music because of dirty words.”

Fans and record producers are paying attention. Dre is currently working with a studio in Los Angeles, getting ready to shop big name labels.

“Touring would be like my dream. That sounds fantastic, and just like getting to entertain people and making more music that people can enjoy,” he says.

As for who he would want to collaborate with one day?

“It’d be super tight to work with Drake – Rihanna would be insane,” he says.

And while he has a new album set to be released at the end of the month, Dre has advice to other kids with big dreams.

“Find something you enjoy doing and are positive about. Something you enjoy and keep doing it,” he says.

If you know of kids doing good in your community, tell us about them by clicking here.

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