Kids Doing Good Stuff: A 'berry' good story about helping kids going into foster care

Brayden Arsenault, 9, explains to KATU's Deb Knapp how he sells berries to make comfort boxes for kids going into foster care. (KATU Photo)

Brayden Arsenault, 9, wanted to start a lemonade stand, but his nanna and papa had another idea.

“At first I just wanted to have a berry stand, but then my nanna and papa, they grow berries in their garden and they have too many berries for both of our families to eat combined, so we decided to put some berries into the process of making boxes,” he told KATU’s Deb Knapp during his studio interview Wednesday.

He takes the money he makes from selling the berries and puts together boxes of comfort items for kids going into foster care. Some of the items include small stuffed animals, apple slices and potato chips.

Over the past two summers, Brayden has put together 148 boxes. This year he wants to create 150 boxes.

More information: Brayden’s Berry Stand

Click above to watch his segment.

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