Kids Doing Good: Bravo Youth Orchestra

Kids with the Bravo Youth Orchestra play with Grammy artist Paquito D’Rivera. (KATU Photo)

Music matters. That’s the motto of the Bravo Youth Orchestra.

It’s a group of young musicians who practice after school and provides orchestral instruction to underserved kids in our community.

“You get to meet new artists that you’ve never heard of before and to play new pieces that you never would have heard of if it wasn’t for Bravo,” said Lana Warren-Justice, who plays the flute. “It takes your stress away. If something happens at school, you have Bravo to get it off your mind.”

Recently, a group within Bravo named The D’Rivera Winds had a chance to play with the man it is named after, Grammy artist Paquito D’Rivera.

"Those kids, they fascinate me -- how fast they learn things,” said D’Rivera. “Three minutes later, they play better, which is the idea. Some adults, some minutes, three hours later, they play horrible. With the kids, when they have the musicality, they are so attentive, they want to learn. They have the desire to learn. It is fantastic to work with kids.”

If you would like to learn more about the Bravo Youth Orchestra and its upcoming performances, click here.

If you know of kids doing good in your community, click here to let us know about them.

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