Kids Doing Good Stuff: Helping the homeless, and a teacher's sick wife

Fifth-graders at Elmonica Elementary School in Beaverton, Dakota Wright, left, and Angela Pham, are turning a fundraiser into a way to help homeless families at their school. (KATU Photo)

Two fifth-grade girls at Elmonica Elementary School, Dakota Wright and Angela Pham, are helping homeless kids at their school.

Once they learned about the homeless epidemic, and learned kids at their school were homeless, they wanted to help.

They turned a fundraiser family night at Baskin-Robbins into an opportunity to get winter clothes for families at their school.

"We read a book in class. Our teacher, Ms. Yeager, read us a book called ‘How to Steal a Dog.’ There’s this girl in the book who’s homeless, and then we found out that there are actually homeless kids in our school, and we just wanted to help them," said Pham.

The event will take place Tuesday, Dec. 5 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Baskin-Robbins on Barnes Road in the Peterkort Towne Square area.

We also want to recognize students at Barnes Elementary in Kelso, Washington.

The students from kindergarten through fifth grade are fighting for the wife of one of their teachers.

Their fifth-grade teacher Mr. Sean Scattergood is going through some challenges at home.

His wife Ellen has leukemia and requires multiple blood transfusions.

So these students organized a blood drive in support of Ellen Scattergood.

Thirty students managed to pull off a blood drive!

If you know of kids doing good stuff in your community, tell us about them by clicking here.

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