Kids Doing Good Stuff: Jolie Brownell publishes book at 17

Jolie Brownell appears in the KATU Studios on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017. (KATU Photo)

Jolie Brownell is a 17-year-old and a published author.

Her book “Me Too” contains inspiring short stories, quotes and poems covering four topics: Body acceptance, confidence, goal setting and healthy relationships.

“I believe that ‘Me Too’ is such a powerful phrase,” Brownell said about the title of her book during her Wednesday appearance on KATU News. “This week there’s been a ‘Me Too’ campaign regarding sexual assault, but it’s so powerful to see women come out with their stories using the phrase ‘Me Too.’

She said she wants people to know that they’re not alone with their stories.

Watch her segment by clicking above.

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