Kids Doing Good Stuff: Local student becomes kid reporter

Hana Meher Sadik, 13, appears on KATU News on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017. (KATU Photo)

Hana Meher Sadik is embarking on a potential future career at only 13 years old.

She has just been chosen to be a part of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps.

She was one off 44 kids to be picked. She will write stories for Scholastic’s website.

“I want to write about people who do good things out of the goodness of their own hearts,” Sadik said Wednesday during her appearance on KATU. “They don’t get recognized for it, necessarily, but they still do it.”

Watch her segment by clicking above.

If you know of kids doing good stuff in your community, tell us about them by clicking here.

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