Kids Doing Good Stuff: Small town kids helping Harvey victims

KATU recently Skyped with the kids of Halfway, Oregon about their efforts to help Hurricane Harvey victims. (KATU Photo)

Halfway, Oregon is a small town near the Idaho border.

About 350 people live there. But that’s not stopping the kids of Halfway from making a big impact.

Recently, they held a bake sale to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Twelve kids raised $2,400.

KATU recently Skyped with a group of kids between the ages of 7 and 10 about helping people a world away. They were proud of their work to help hurricane victims.

Each of the 12 kids helped sell cakes, cookies, breads and pies for people they don’t know in Texas.

“It wasn’t just one person; it was all a team effort. We all worked hard,” said one of the kids during the Skype interview.

The kids were quick to point out how generous and supportive the community was during the bake sale.

The money they raised was sent to a faith-based relief agency in Houston.

If you know of kids doing good stuff in your community, tell us about them by clicking here.

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