Celebrate the Pacific Northwest's beautiful birds on International Migratory Bird Day


This post is sponsored by Northwest Honda Dealers and Rootopia.com:

International Migratory Bird Day is this Saturday, May 13, and what better place to celebrate it than the Pacific Northwest?!

Plus, it's so Oregon to "put a bird on it."

Learning to identify birds can open a world of everyday magic.

Spotting different types of birds is an especially powerful skill of observation for kids to learn. They suddenly stop seeing birds, and instead start seeing towhees, chickadees, starlings and more.

Bird watching is one of the most visible ways to start learning the difference between habitats too, as many birds that are abundant in one habitat can be absent from another.

May is a special time in the Northwest, as millions of birds are migrating through it. It's possible to see hundreds of species you normally wouldn't.

Bird watching can also be a fun outing for the whole family!

Click HERE for a list of birding hot spots in Oregon.

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