How to grow a pollinator garden this summer

A bee lands on a crocus blossom on the Old Southern Cemetery in Munich, Germany, Sunday, March 5, 2017. (Tobias Hase/dpa via AP)

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Did you know that a third of all the food you eat had to be pollinated by birds, butterflies, bees or other pollinators?

Pollinators are on the decline, and they need your help.

Planting flowering trees, shrubs and plants that provide more nectar and pollen sources can help sustain pollinators in your area.

Tips for planting a pollinator garden from

  • Use plants that provide nectar and pollen sources
  • Provide a water source
  • Be situated in sunny areas with wind breaks
  • Create large “pollinator targets” of native or non-invasive plants
  • Establish continuous bloom throughout the growing season
  • Eliminate or minimize the impact of pesticides.

Click HERE for more info about the million pollinator garden challenge.

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