Rootopia: Tips for getting your kids to eat their greens

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We all know that eating our greens is key to being healthy, but sometimes it's easier said than done -- especially with children.

So how can we get our kids to eat more vegetables now, and as they grow into adulthood?

"When looking at the different colors of produce, our biggest battles are over eating anything green," writes Rootopia founder Michelle Ratcliffe. To help get your kids excited about leafy greens, Ratcliffe suggests you "get your kids a pet tortoise!"

You don't actually have to get your kids a pet tortoise, Ratcliffe goes onto say, but the tortoise represents "modeling" -- a useful tool for getting your children to willingly chomp down on that piece of kale.

If kids were to watch their pet tortoise eat its greens, chances are they'd want to eat greens too.

"[Modeling] is well-documented in research to influence what, when and where kids eat," said Ratcliffe.

In short, if you display good behavior, (like eating your greens), your kids will likely follow suit.

Rather than telling children to "eat your veggies," try this: At least twice a week, let your kids see you eating dark leafy greens, and try serving them in different ways your kids might like.

What is your family's trick to helping the kids eat their greens?

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