Ways to think like a farmer for a successful garden

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Here are three ways to think like a farmer to help you grow a successful garden.

1. Dream big, then plant realistic:

Farmers are calculating how much of what crops to grow where and when, and much of that planning depends on the weather and future market conditions.

For your home garden, the best place to start is with a vision. Create a vision board that will help you learn about what your family wants to grow.

When your board is complete, place it in a visible spot to keep your family focused on the shared vision.

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2. Check your soil

Right now, farmers are checking the soil to see if it's dry enough to work.

In your own garden, check if your soil is dry enough by digging a shovel full of dirt. If the soil does not stick to the shovel, you're good to go.

Also consider getting your soil tested to make sure it has the right structure and nutrients for plants.

Check the state-by-state list of soil testing labs at Cooperative Extension Offices to find soil testing help in your area.

3. Plan your irrigation

In the warmer weather, an irrigation system may be necessary for watering crops.

When you're planning your garden, think ahead about how you will conservatively water your plants for the whole season - whether it be drip irrigation, sprinklers, or hand watering.

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