KATU's Summer Guide: Gorgeous hikes in the Gorge

Angel’s Rest Info - www.oregonhikers.org/field_guide/Angel%27s_Rest_Hike Photo courtesy of Chris Liedle

The Gorge is beautiful in any season. During the winter, the Gorge's beauty is best observed from the comfort of your car. Summertime is when you can go explore on foot, and see more of the Gorge's beauty!

Here's a map and a list of some popular, and some not-so well known hikes in the Gorge.


Multnomah Falls

Angel’s Rest

Bridge of the Gods

Columbia Hills - Crawford Oaks Loop

Dog Mountain

Dry Creek Falls

Gorton Creek Falls

Latourell Falls Loop

Lower Lewis River Falls

Panther Creek Falls

Ponytail falls

Punchbowl falls

Rowena Crest Trailhead

Spirit Falls Hike

Triple Falls

Latourell Fall Loop

Wahclella Falls Hike

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