Summer Guide: Cool treats

Cheese and Crack frozen rose, Carioca Bowls acai bowl and Stellar pops (Via Instagram)

Whether your summer treat of choice is frozen rosé, ice cream, a smoothie or a matcha iced tea, we've got you covered on all of Portland's yummiest summer treats!


  • Salt and Straw's Wiz Bang Bar: Create your own concoction using magic shells, finishing salts, artisan candies and waffle cones
  • Pinolo Gelato: Taste authentic gelato at this SE Division shop. Our favorite is stracciatella with a bit of lemon
  • Puffle Waffle: Make sure your phone is fully charged before you drive out to the Happy Valley food carts for this Instagram-worthy treat
  • Stellar Pops: It's a mobile food cart offering delicious, all natural pop-sickles. Find them every Saturday at PSU Farmers' Market
  • Fifty Licks: Check out the new shop on E Burnside, and try out the sorbet flavors. You really can't go wrong here!
  • Ruby Jewel: You've always been able to create a custom ice cream sandwich at Ruby Jewel, but you can now get it dipped in chocolate - it really can't get much better than that


  • Frozen Rosé: Make your own or grab a glass at Cheese and Crack on SE 28th Avenue (they also have delicious soft serve). Or if you prefer your rosé not frozen, try out Underwood Wine's canned sparkling rosé (available at stores throughout the Portland metro area)
  • Rotating frozen drink specials at Sandy Hut: Grab a very affordable frozen drink at this 93-year-old Portland institution
  • Bunk Bar Iceberg: Pint of beer with a float of frozen margarita at all Bunk locations
  • Schilling Cider House: Explore the world's largest cider tasting room, with sweeping views of downtown and the West Hills


  • Acai Bowl: Take a yoga class and treat yourself afterwards with an acai bowl at Carioca Bowls on NE Alberta
  • Grab a juice or smoothie from Kure Juice Bar (there are several locations throughout the city)
  • Work for your treat at Moberi on NW 23rd Avenue, where you blend your smoothie while biking


  • Tea Bar: Grab an iced matcha latte or boba tea at Tea Bar's bright and airy cafes in the Pearl District, on SE Division and on NE Killingsworth
  • Cold brew: You really can't go wrong with cold brew in this city. Our favorites are found at Stumptown (the Nitro on-tap is a nice change from regular cold brew), Barista, Coava Coffee and Never Coffee
  • Lebronald Palmer: If you're a sneaker head or into basketball and you haven't been to Deadstock coffee, get there ASAP. We recommend owner Ian's "Lebronald Palmer" as the perfect drink to cool off on hot summer days (and it's a great way to salute two sports legends)

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