Eclipse glasses in high demand: Line wraps around building at OMSI

A line of people waiting to buy solar eclipse glasses wraps around the building at OMSI on Thursday. (KATU Photo)

The quest to get eclipse glasses has gotten competitive.

Amazon's recall of faulty eclipse glasses has added to demand.

In Portland, OMSI was one of the last places to have the protective eyewear. It got a fresh shipment Thursday morning, and once word got out, customers flooded the sidewalks.

"I think the line started here about 8:15, 8:00, there were a few folks out here, and by 9:30 the line was wrapped around the building," said John Farmer, communications manager at OMSI.

OMSI got about 4,000 pairs Thursday morning, and it didn’t expect the shipment to last through the day.

It doesn’t have plans for another shipment, so if you missed out on the glasses at OMSI, you'll have to search somewhere else.

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