Traffic backup near Prineville likely a taste of what's to come eclipse day

Things were moving slowly Wednesday night on Highway 26 near Prineville. (Photo: Ochoco National Forest)

“Traffic at a complete standstill,” reported the Ochoco National Forest’s Twitter account Wednesday night.

Cars were backed up for 14 miles from the Ochoco Reservoir near Prineville heading east on Highway 26. The backup was blamed on the 35,000 people with tickets to an eclipse festival at Big Summit Prairie.

Those who were stuck in traffic appeared to be taking it all in stride, however. The Ochoco National Forest reported that people were relaxing outside their cars as they waited for things to get moving again.

Oregon State Police also reported that traffic was increasing on Highway 97 near La Pine because of next Monday's total solar eclipse.

KATU News has also heard some gas stations around Bend ran out of gas.

The traffic messes now may be just a taste of what is to come this weekend, as travelers seek their spots within the path of totality that will sweep across the nation, starting in Oregon and ending in South Carolina.

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