Show your love of summer and sparkling water with these La Croix swimsuits

Image of Public Space's website of their 'La Croix' swimsuit line.jpg

Summer is nearly here, and for those that love to cool off poolside with a cold La Croix, you have a new way to rep your dedication to your favorite flavor.

La Croix-themed swimsuits are here.

The swimwear line, released by Publicspace, come in both men's and women's suits.

Designs are based on the classic flavors, from passion fruit or lime to the most frequently-grabbed pamplemousse, letting you match your beverage choice while sipping one of carbonated beverages.

The release mirrors other apparel products for brands that have cult followings, such as Taco Bell's partnership with Forever 21, as well as other crazy summer style trends (remember the RompHim?)

Still, the 37-year-old beverage's popularity is stronger than ever, thanks to its mass appeal with millenials, so these may just be the next big summer style.

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