Students get hands-on life-saving lesson

CLACKAMAS, Ore. -- Clackamas EMS Officer Bill Conway is taking on a daunting task: teaching a classroom full of sleepy high school students "Hands Only" CPR.

That's the simple version of CPR, with no breaths to the victim.

"Our goal is through teaching the kids, as well as the friends and family they teach, is to have 10,000 people trained in hands only CPR by June," said Conway. When pressed if he thought they'd reach that goal, he said they were "on track."

Clackamas County students from eighth grade through high school are participating in the program.

This method of CPR doesn't take long to learn, especially with a proper beat. "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees is the perfect 100 beats per minute.

After some practice with the compressions, the kids are more awake and ready to team up for the next step. How to use an AED, that's the shocking device found in most public places. It's used together with CPR when someone is in cardiac arrest.

Junior Ally Bushman feels confident in her new skills.

"This is really helpful, this is awesome. If I were to be in the situation, I would totally know what to do."

That's a good thing, because she and the other students will have to teach three other people in order to get their grade in the class.

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