How to get Zs with no A/C

Photo: Pixabay

Do you live in one of the roughly 271,000 homes in the Portland area without air conditioning?

Then you may really be hating this heat wave for the havoc it's wreaking on your ability to fall and stay asleep.

Not getting enough Zs can put even the best-tempered of people in a foul mood.

So how do you get the elusive slumber when your home's a hotbox?

Here’s what one expert said.

“You can take a cool shower – see if that helps to cool your body down, and then surround yourself by cool washcloths and ice packs – things like that,” said Dr. Tovi Anderson, OHSU family medicine specialist. “I wouldn’t recommend using additional sleeping aids, or anything in this scenario, because we want you to be awake and alert and know if you need to drink more water.”

Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol. Both will interfere with your sleep even when it’s not unholy hot outside.

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