Is the desire for longer eyelashes putting your eyes at risk?

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The promise of longer eyelashes with a quick application free from glue has some considering a relatively new product - magnetic eyelashes.

But is the desire to lengthen your lashes and save a little time in the morning putting your eye health at risk?

There are several options to create the look of longer lashes, and many are making it a part of their regular beauty regimen.

Optometrist Mila Loussifova sees effects from eyelash extensions of all types in her patients. She specializes in dry eye syndrome and says the length of the lash can interfere with the production of quality tears to lubricate the eye’s surface.

"What it does is promotes wind and allergens and debris toward your eye instead of away from eye," she said. "It's really interesting and shocking to see how many young people in their 30s' late 20's have gland atrophy."

In comes the magnetic eyelash – made up of strips that snap together to create a more dramatic look.

It's not the magnet that causes Dr. Loussifova concern. It's the length, which has the potential to create permanent damage.

"So I like that there's no glue in this, if you have to use them once in a while. But everyday use it will still promote dry eye," she said.

According to Dr. Loussifova, if you really have to have luxurious lashes, do so in moderation and consider the length.

She says she can catch the dry eye disease early when she scans patients eyes who may be at risk - to see what's happening to their eyes and talk about risk factors.

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