Web extra: Journalist in Sweden talks about tensions in Malmö

Niklas Orrenius describes Malmö , Sweden (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Journalist Niklas Orrenius spoke to Sinclair Broadcast Group about the work he does in Malmö, Sweden:

Well I live in Malmö, a, an immigrant city, which is part of a, the Malmö identity. And then, there in Malmö you have seen all kinds of uh, clashes between immigrant groups, and also, like nationalistic movements, trying to push immigrants, immigration back, and it's just ... to be in Malmö is to cover these type of stories. The issues that deal with globalization, because Malmö... for many years, it's been a refuge for, uh, a safe haven for refugees, if you will. First the Jewish refugees that came in the late 19th century, and after the Holocaust. And also from Poland in the end of the '60s. But in later years also, people from Iran, Syria, from Bosnia. But it seems like in this city, most of them get along, but there are some clashes also.
So we have seen, I've covered a lot of, uh, stories about antisemitism in Malmö . Because many of the refugees, uh, and immigrants from the Arab countries, they come from cultures where antisemitism is basically mainstream. And whenever there's a flare up in... Israel. If Israel bombs Gaza, you would see, you will see that in Malmö, because there will be Palestinian anti-Israel demonstrations, and manifestations. And in those manifestations, you will sometimes hear antisemitic slurs and so on.
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