Woman accuses deputy of rape; law enforcement, Oregon Dept. of Justice investigating

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A woman who accuses a Multnomah County deputy of rape described the allegations to KATU on Wednesday.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office and Oregon's Department of Justice are investigating her claims.

The deputy, Dwight Richey, has been with the sheriff's office for nearly 23 years. He was put on paid administrative leave on July 11.

On Nov. 29 a detective initially said a decision on whether to file charges was expected within a couple of weeks. But on Dec. 13 the detective told KATU that Oregon's Department of Justice is delaying their decision until Jan. 4.

The alleged victim, who KATU is calling "Emily," said since the incident she's had nightmares and panic attacks.

She did not want to publicly reveal her real name.

"I feel angry. I feel frustrated. I feel violated," Emily said. "I feel embarrassed and ashamed and sick."

She said the attack happened while she was dog sitting for her ex-boyfriend, an old friend of Richey's.

On the night of May 11, Emily said Richey dropped by the house unannounced and joined her on the couch to watch TV.

"I sat on one side of the couch and he sat in the middle," Emily explained.

She said she knew Richey and his family well through her ex-boyfriend.

At the time, Emily said her neck was sore.

"He asked me to come over and offered to give me a neck rub, which was unusual," she said. "He aggressively mashed his mouth and face into my mouth or mouth into my mouth and kissed me and I was like, 'Whoa, what are you doing?' ... I pushed away and I'm like, 'What's going on?' and just kind of was shocked. ... He apologized ... and Dwight said, 'You and I are both lonely and it feels good to touch each other.' ... And so then he started kissing me again and … I was crying and I said, 'I'm not … I can't do this.' ... And he just forced himself on me."

Emily said Richey raped and repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

"I was leaving and he asked if I would spend the night with him and I yelled at him and I said, 'No. Are you crazy? Like, what the hell?!" she explained. "And then I asked him if he was gonna take care of the dog. ... And then I left."

Emily said she reported the incident to authorities about two weeks later after a friend encouraged her to do so.

Richey is not charged with a crime. An attorney for him said he had no comment.

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office confirmed Richey's on paid leave and said it will conduct its own investigation once the criminal investigation is finished.

"I'm going to therapy. I'm going to a support group. And this all costs money," Emily said. "I haven't been able to have sex."

Investigators said Richey worked in corrections and the courts.

Emily said he was not on duty at the time of the alleged incident.

Regarding his background, an employee of Oregon's Department of Public Safety Standards and Training said, "I find no evidence of either a current or prior professional standards case involving Richey."

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