11 men arrested in undercover sex trafficking sting by Portland Police


Eleven men were arrested earlier this month during an undercover sex trafficking sting operation by the Portland Police Bureau.

Investigators posted ads on sex trafficking websites and got responses from 11 men willing to arrange payment for sex acts.

All 11 were arrested at a Portland hotel where a meeting had been arranged.

Here are their names and hometowns:

  • Stephen Townsend, 30, of Greenville, SC
  • Forrest Lytle, 59, of Sandy, OR
  • Akhom Chinnarath, 54, of Happy Valley, OR
  • Mahdi Seifan, 35, of West Linn, OR
  • Javier Rangel, 53, of Hillsboro, OR
  • Jesse M. Hutton, 39, of Portland, OR
  • Aranda Gilberto Camacho, 35, of Hillsboro, OR
  • Jasmin Kaltak, 47, of Portland, OR
  • Guy Michael Bar-ner, 49, of Phoenix, AZ
  • Justice Owusu-Hienno, 47, of Portland, OR
  • Curt Matsko of Portland, OR

They are all facing commercial sexual solicitation charges.

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