20-year-old college basketball player beats the odds: 'It's a miracle'

Ana Wakefield. (Contributed Photo)

Doctors didn't think Ana Wakefield would survive the head-on collision, but almost two months later, she's back home with her family.

These days, Ana doesn't take anything for granted. Home just in time for the holidays, she wants to make every moment count.

"I love all the time I get with family and all the memories I get to create," she said. "I was so discouraged at first and then God gave me hope."

The 20-year -old survived a crash that hit her head-on in Damascus on October 18.

The life of a collegiate all-american athlete stripped away in one moment.

She was not expected to survive.

"It's a miracle, and I've known that all along," said David Wakefield, Ana's father.

David never left her side. His life is now wrapped around her recovery, never once losing sight of hope.

"Every day gets a little better so I'm not giving up," he said. "When we went in the hospital, she was on a baseline 3, which is the lowest you can get; you're living off of tubes. It was like that for 8 or 9 days and seeing her where she is at taking off, every day gets a little better."

Her short term memory is returning, and her entire left side was paralyzed, but is making a recovery.

"Our goal is we want our Ana back, and we're working hard to get our Ana back, the full fledged Ana," said David.

Ana wore the #3 jersey while playing as a shooting guard for Multnomah University. It's no surprise that her one wish is to play basketball again. That would mean more therapy, but she and her family remain hopeful. She says it was her faith that kept her going, and she believes it's her faith that she will get back to where she was. A fighter at heart, with a competitor's edge - something she never took for granted.

Oregon State Police have a person of interest for the driver who hit her and left the scene, but no arrests have been made at this time.

Multnomah University wants to make accommodations for Ana to make her wish come true: they want to start her in their last game of the season on February 10.

The family is accepting donations if you'd like to contribute to help with her recovery.

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