2nd Chance Thrift Store, a Vancouver institution, set to close

Jim Gutierrez has been the manager of 2nd Chance Thrift Store in Vancouver for two years. (KATU Photo)

After nine years in a Vancouver neighborhood, 2nd Chance Thrift Store announced it will shut its doors by the end of the year.

Many local shoppers see the thrift shop as an institution, as it helps the homeless community and those living in poverty.

The shop, located at Northeast St. Johns Road and 52nd Avenue, is run by Friends of the Carpenter, a nonprofit, faith-based group that also raises money through woodworking events.

It is a blow to repeat customers, but group leaders say they're trying to refocus.

“We have older people come in, and it is a place where they can talk to other people. I call it kind of the cheers of the thrift stores,” said Jim Gutierrez, the store manager.

Aside from the community connections that are built at the store, Gutierrez talks of customers who've clothed their entire family by shopping at the store.

Friends of the Carpenter leaders say the store isn't bringing in the money needed to cover costs and fund the charity's main mission.

Officials said it also takes a lot of effort to keep it going, and leaders say it would be better to use some of their volunteers in different ways.

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