3 businesses burglarized overnight in NW Portland: 'It's frustrating'

Rash of recent break-ins in NW Portland area - Image courtesy Blush Beauty Bar.jpg

Within two hours, someone broke into three Northwest Portland businesses overnight Sunday.

The burglaries come four days after another break-in at a nearby business, Porch Light on NW 11th.

Each time the thief's entrance is almost effortless, and they spent less than a minute inside the store - going straight for the cash drawer.

Early Monday morning, the thief started by shattering a glass door at Oven and Shaker, proceeded to steal from Blush Beauty Bar, and wrapped up the spree at Sterling Coffee.

“You can see where the rock hit right here,” said Carrie Wilson, who works at Blush Beauty Bar. “They broke this door here, they came through the door all the glass was gone, there was glass all the way to the street and all the way upstairs."

“He got behind our bar and smashed one of our cash registers,” Ryan Munroe of Oven and Shaker tells KATU News.

Portland Police confirm burglaries in the area are up 4 percent this year, but down 1 percent citywide.

While no money was stolen from Blush Beauty Bar, Wilson said it still hurts.

“It’s frustrating. We are a small business, locally owned, it’s frustrating that we have to pay for glass, and insurance goes up,” Wilson said.

Wilson said they got lucky. The thief had their cash drawer in-hand, but a passerby stepped in as he went to leave.

“Some good Samaritan saw him and chased him out and chased him down the street,” Wilson said.

Sterling Coffee wasn’t as lucky. The thief made away with about $150 and left hundreds of dollars in damage in his wake.

On Thursday, Porch Light in the Pearl was also hit, that time the thief only got away with about $14 in change.

“It’s incredibly surprising, especially here in the Pearl. You don't expect to see it in the Pearl District,” Munroe said.

While police are not saying if these break-ins are connected, the businesses got together and shared their surveillance video with one another and feel there are striking similarities between the images.

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