3 teens rescued from sex trafficking, part of nationwide effort

PORTLAND, Ore. - Three teenagers have been rescued from sex trafficking in the Portland metro area and six people have been arrested as part of a larger nationwide operation to stop sexual exploitation.

Beaverton police said they made two of the six arrests as part of Operation Cross Country, which is being coordinated by the FBI nationwide. Police arrested 25-year-old Sirgiorgio Sanford Clardy at the 6th Avenue Motel in Portland and 18-year-old Princess Dawn Talley-Stevenson at the Ramada Inn on Northeast 82nd Avenue, also in Portland.

Police accuse Clardy of promoting prostitution and they accuse Talley-Stevenson of prostitution.

Fifty-seven different cities are taking part in Operation Cross Country. In all cities law enforcement is making arrests and children who are sexually exploited are being brought to safety.

FBI Special Agent Glenn Norling said six people were arrested in the Portland-Vancouver metro area, including the two by Beaverton police.

Police have not said where the three teenage girls were found. But investigators say that once they get the teens off the streets, getting them resources is incredibly important.

"One of the things we believe here very strongly is if you don't have partnership between law enforcement and the social service side of it you're really only addressing half the problem," Norling said.

Greg Romine and his wife, Cyndi, are trying to help victims by opening safe houses across the world. Now through their nonprofit, Called to Rescue, they're opening one for girls in Clark County.

"They will have a private room; they will get adequate counseling (and) they will medical attention to whatever needs they have," Romine said.

Their hope is to break the cycle and end child sex trafficking.

Multnomah County approved funding last fall for a shelter with comprehensive services for trafficking victims.

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