8 arrests during clash at Vancouver pro-Trump rally

Pro-Trump rally in Vancouver - KATU photos

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Vancouver Police arrested eight people Sunday during a clash between supporters of Donald Trump and protesters of the president’s administration.

Police made the arrests at Esther Short Park Sunday afternoon, where a group rented the space to host a “Rally for Trump and Freedom." Police estimate that 150 people attended the rally that got underway after noon.

They were met with about 80 protesters lining the rally space, including members of the “Rose City Antifa” anarchist group.

Things quickly became heated between the two groups. Our reporters noticed verbal and physical confrontations, and saw protesters hurl smoke bombs into the crowd at the rally.

In anticipation of the rally, Vancouver Police had nearly 40 extra officers at the park to “maintain safety, protect property, allow for lawful expression of free speech, minimize impacts to the surrounding community, and enforce rules and laws related to use of the park.”

Officers placed eight people under arrest on various charges:

  • Meaghan M. Summerbell, 22- Attempted Assault IV and Reckless Endangerment
  • Patrick C. Commons,24 - Obstruction
  • Taylor J. Evans, 24- Disorderly Conduct
  • Elizabeth L. Battle, 19- Malicious Mischief III
  • Brittany E. Johnson, 24- Malicious Mischief III
  • Michah DC. Fletcher, 21 - Fireworks in a Park
  • Nicholas Nikas, 19- Disorderly Conduct
  • Arianne Curtis, 19- Disorderly Conduct

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